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Many homeowners enjoy the natural look and feel of stone pavers. Chandler, AZ backyards, patios, walkways, and paths have all been lined with these aesthetically pleasing tiles, stones, and bricks of granite. Stone pavers in Chandler, AZ are typically laid on flat surfaces with a particular design in mind. Usually this involves a layer of sand or crushed limestone as a base. The tiles are then placed and settled over the grain base and arranged to the homeowner’s specifications. Sometimes these are paths, sometimes circular layouts, and sometimes in incredibly artistic custom effects. The pavers themselves are generally found to be rectangular or square, but diamond, circular, and octagon kits are also available. Not only are they very aesthetically pleasing, but they provide practical effects as well.

Chandler stone pavers offer a sturdy alternative to bare ground, and can definitely be used as a finishing touch to any outdoor patio setting. Highly durable, natural stone pavers in Chandler, AZ add a beauty that brick pavers do not offer. And seeing as they’re some of the hardest, cheapest building materials available, they can make the perfect choice for any outdoor fixture you wish to create. So whenever you’re considering installing landscape elements for your home, backyard, or property, think of stone pavers for Chandler, AZ homes. They’re an affordable, natural feature that look and feel great.

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Stone pavers in Chandler, AZ are some of the hardiest, most versatile building materials available today. Not only can they be applied to both residential and commercial uses, but they can survive industrial use as well. As such, they are designed to be permanent fixtures. This means that they can potentially last for over a century, maybe more. So when you pave your driveway, walkway, patio, path, or poolside, you can be rest assured that it will last for as long as structurally possible. And while maintenance is kept down to a minimum, you can always take care of your Chandler stone pavers to help retain the original look. Regardless of appearance however, Chandler stone pavers are some of the longest lasting building materials used today.

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Chandler Stone Pavers FAQ

What’s the difference between slate, travertine, and granite stone pavers in Chandler, AZ?

Essentially stone pavers in Chandler, AZ boils down into these three distinct materials each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Slate is probably one of the cheaper options, it’s also slip-resistant and good for pool areas. It also adds a range of color to and scenery for a refreshing change of pace. Travertine pavers have a very earthly style and appearance, very closely resembling the quality that ancient Roman streets would display. And lastly, granite is one of the most solid substances that you can get with stone pavers in Chandler, AZ. Very crystalline in appearance, it’s a breathtaking alternative to the other slabs.

What different patterns and styles are available?

The tonal range for stone pavers in Chandler, AZ varies widely, and can easily match any outdoor setting for any home. Finding the right tone for your yard can be as easily as switching a few pavers around. As for style, slab is the most common and most affordable. Otherwise, the “French” pattern is a series of bricks that interlock with each other and are always flush. Sometimes the design is random, sometimes it’s a clear cut pattern. In any case, the sizes can also differ as long as everything’s flush. When the term “flamed” is applied to Chandler stone pavers, that just means that a process has been carried out to make the pavers very smooth and glassy. It’s slightly reflective and looks amazingly polished.

Can stone pavers in Chandler, AZ fit over my patio?

Basically it boils down to what condition your patio is in. If it’s been properly maintained over the years and has a level surface, then the answer is yes. If there are a few cracks, but it’s still level? Then the answer is most likely. However if the patio is damaged to the point where there are hills and valleys on the surface, the answer is usually no. Otherwise light masonry work may be required before Chandler stone pavers can be installed. That’s why it helps to maintain a concrete patio in your backyard. Concrete is a solid base that can support the heavy silicon based adhesive living the top of your unit and melding the stone pavers on your Chandler, AZ property.